Sunday, December 25, 2011

With a heap of mobile bug tracking systems, the most efficient one is that which is flexible and adaptive, user-friendly and powerful, easy to use and non-intrusive.
Staying on top of project issues even while away from the desktop has become inevitable for today's software team. Getting instant updates and collaborating with team members even from anywhere and anytime is becoming the crucial need of the software developers.
Making Issue tracking and management fast and easy, to do the things that come up while you're out and about, is also mostly looked for. Tracking the issues, making quick case edits and assigning that urgent bug to someone back at the office, right from the hand-held device such as smartphones, iPad or iPhone, is making the task of bug tracking and managing a breeze.
The growing needs of the fast moving world demands instant ways to manage software development projects by tracking bugs/issues even while on the move.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Outlook on your Smartphone and Tablets allows you to stay connected to your MS outlook mails. Imagine of navigating your outlook e-mails, and accomplishing most of the critical tasks that you can accomplish from your desktop outlook, anytime, anywhere.
Windows Search provides swift access to your windows desktop from the Had-held device. Windows Search puts the entire list of documents and e-mails in the windows desktop at your palm.

Search the Windows Desktop From anywhere on the globe.